What is Backup Media?

If a product you are ordering has a Backup Media option available, then for a small fee you can have a physical copy of the software delivered to you on a DVD or a read-only USB thumb drive. This copy will allow you to reinstall the software if it is lost in the future, provided you still have your key.

If Backup Media is available for any product you are ordering, and the option exists in your area, then you will be able to add it to your order from the Shopping Cart page.


  • The Backup Media option is not available in all countries at this time due to delivery constraints. Depending on your region, you may not have the option to add Backup Media to your order, or you may not have the option of choosing between DVD and USB.
  • Operating systems can be installed on one machine only. Backup Media will not allow this software to be installed on multiple machines.
  • The DVD or USB thumb drive only contains a copy of the software that you ordered. It does not contain an extra product key or a copy of your original product key. Be sure to write down your key and store it in a secure location. Your key will also be available in the Your Account/Orders section of the WebStore for 31 days (or two years, if your order includes the Extended Access Guarantee).
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